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Dear valuable customers,Good Day!We are here having your kind attention to our b...


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Why Choose Jusnova Wholesale Jewelry

More styles for you to choose
As one of China's biggest stainless steel jewelry factory & Wholesaler. Jusnova has over 60,000 styles products including jewelry set, earring, ring, pendant, bracelet, bangle, necklace and so on available online, 500 more new styles are launched every week.
Discount are always here
Depends on your order amount, 3 to 10 percent discount are available. If you become our VIP client, 10 percent discount are provided to you in every order no matter what amount the order is.
Comparatively perfect refund policy
We aim to provide you the qualified jewelry as the our pictures show. Please check carefully after you receiving your orders within one week, if there is anything broken or missed, please contact us to deal with this. We will refund the product cost to you.

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